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Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight



·         sunflower oil

·         25 g powdered gelatine

·         255 ml water

·         4 tsp rose water

·         450 g caster sugar

·         red food colouring

·         4 tbsp icing sugar


Important to note here, please be extremely careful whilst making this recipe, and get all ingredients laid out before starting, and do not let little ones near this. It's an interesting process, and involves simmering a large amount of sugar for a 20-25 minutes. Delicious when cold, but this is lethal when hot!



Grease a baking tin with sunflower oil.

In a large heavy-bottomed pan add the gelatine, water and the rose water, stir to bring everything together.

Put a low heat on and add the sugar – stir continuously until all the sugar is dissolved

Bring to the boil, do not stir, and when boiling turn down to a gentle simmer for 20 minutes

Take off the heat and add a few drops of red food colouring and stir

Carefully pour the mixture into the tin

Leave to set for 24 hours

Cut into squares – it's seriously sticky, so having some icing sugar on the hands and knife whilst cutting will assist

Once into squares, cover the delights with icing sugar.