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3 Piece Roti Making Set

3 Piece Roti Making Set
  • 3 Piece Roti Making Set
  • 3 Piece Roti Making Set
  • 3 Piece Roti Making Set
  • 3 Piece Roti Making Set
Price: £16.99 Qty mon panier

This 3 Piece Roti Making Set contains all you need to make a perfect Roti or Naan. The instruments have been used for over centuries and are still used today in both the Indian Subcontinent and here in the UK to make fresh rotis, every day, quickly.

Making rotis is an art not a science, but once you perfect it with the help of this kit, there will be no looking back and you will be making Rotis, parathas and so on, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes that's right Rotis can be eaten all through the day. For example we heat them up in a frying pan with butter and eat with Tea for breakfast or you can spread butter and sugar on them and give them to the kids to eat as a snack. Rotis are versatile and are quick and easy to make.

Make no mistake this set is the real thing, we use this everyday at home and enjoy the best Rotis all day, every day, although my mum would say that's because of her rather than the set!

In total this is a 3 piece set and you will get the following:
1 wooden chapatti rolling board
1 slim rolling pin
1 roti pad