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Welcome to Indian-Tiffin!


We are passoniate about all we do and strive to give you the best service, both in terms of product and your purchasing expeirence. We started out just over 7 years ago on eBay selling mostly Tiffins and our masala dabbas. From their we have come a long way and we are now very pleased to have taken our idea and built on it. We are convinced that the Tiffin is a great product, we say this because its been around for hundreds of years and even today its still going strong.


Historically Tiffins were a great way for people to take their lunch to work, this spawned the now world famous Dabbawallahs of Mumbai. In todays climate, Tiffins are still just as relevant and even more appealing, why? Tiffins are incredibly eco-friendly and a lot more nicer on the environment than plastic boxes, they look great and appeal to those wanting to stand out. They are relatively inexpensive, (our tiffins start at £5.99) and most importantly, they save people money as it allows them to take their lunch to work and school thus freeing them up from the shackles of the dreaded cheap lunches that we often end up with at work, school or college!


We hope you enjoy our site, and the new features we have added, such as recipes and the option to pimp your tiffin, and please feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you think or if you have any feedback for us.



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