Indian-Tiffin Gives back with the Launch of a Meal for a Meal Charity Program


We are very excited right now. For some time now we have been thinking about how we can give back to the communities we buy from, we have always traded on a fair trade basis, but now we want to do more. That is why we are starting a charity, and as soon as we can negotiate the various forms, we will be able to give a lot back to the community we source our products from.

We have made many new friends and have come in contact with many new people throughout our supply chain. From the metal merchants who have the raw steel, to the Indian based web developers who keep our website running and beautiful! Each one of them is willing us to success, as success for us, also means success for them. Times are hard in Mumbai, indeed times are hard everywhere, but what we did not realise is that when we make a sale, there are a number of people in our supply chain who are in turn supported in their lives – the very idea that when someone here in say Brighton is inspired to buy a Tiffin, this means that there are a whole network of people who were involved in making that happen. I guess this has been always happening, but when you run your own small business, you see it for yourself firsthand.

As our business, with your support, goes from strength to strength, we also want to reinforce what we do for those less fortunate. That is why, we plan to launch a new charity, and the idea is simple. Its called “Meal for a Meal”. When ever anyone buys a Tiffin box from us, we will give someone in India a meal. That is our promise, when someone buys a Tiffin so that they can take there food to work or school, we think it only fair that we give someone in India a meal too. As our funds grow, (and feel free to donate without buying) we will look to provide more substantial projects. However, for now, we will start small, and see how things develop.

Remember our motto “Meal for a Meal”. An Indian-Tiffin sold means one person less will go hungry.

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