Tiffin Comes Home!

Back in England – and my Tiffin has returned with me, easily carried in my backpack. It not only arrived unscarred by the attentions of Heathrow’s baggage handlers – but (although I’m sure it wasn’t ever intended to be used this way) also proved to be quite adept at transporting all those ‘bit’ items that normally get lost among your luggage – jewellery, make-up etc.

I get to spend about half my life travelling, the other half in Britain. I know this makes me astoundingly lucky – but if it has a downside it is that it turns life into an endless round of hellos and goodbyes.

It’s the hellos that I like the most. And so, Saturday night was a big hello from all my girlfriends, when we got together to catch up on gossip, share photographs, drink wine and nibble treats until the early hours.

Tiffin, of course, had to come too – and proved to be the life and soul of the party. Like all the best parties ours ended in the kitchen (it started there, actually – and we were too indolent to move), and Tiffin sat at the centre of the kitchen table. Looking good. Looking very good.

Over in Sri Lanka, Tiffin was incredibly useful – keeping sand, water, wind away from my food. In England, Tiffin has transformed into something achingly cool.
At my friend’s slightly chi-chi house in Bath (white carpets AND three children, how is that possible?), arriving with an armful of Tupperware is simply not going to cut it.

Instead, I swing through the door – bottle of wine in one hand, Tiffin in the other – and within seconds a rather stylish porta-party is underway. My practical carry-container splits apart into three elegantly simple bowls, brimming with luxuries. And with my Tiffin carry out, I’ve also (rather selfish, I know) ensured that I get a taste of every food I’ve missed while I’ve been away.

The first tier was full of antipasti treats – glistening artichokes, juicy sun-blushed tomatoes and splendid stuffed olives. Then some gorgeous hummous with crudités and the third was a delightful smorgasbord (smorgas-tiffin – possibly worth a new entry into Collins?) of the best Italian cold meats Bath’s delis can supply.

We all dug in. What an evening. Good wine, good food – and most of all, good company. I’ve come back just in time for the party season – and from Saturday night’s performance it looks as if Tiffin is going to be my perfect Plus One.

Tiffin Comes Home!
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